from my clients

"I started working with Susan as I was writing my PhD dissertation. I found myself stuck, with the end in sight, but feeling lost about how to proceed. She helped me identify the very solvable problem and together we devised a specific plan on how I would proceed. The plan included detailing out exactly how I would approach my chairperson with the idea, and Susan worked with me to ensure that I went into that meeting positive and with a mind-set to move forward. I wasn’t locked by defensiveness or plagued by defeat. I finished my dissertation—on time and with energy to spare.

Now Susan is helping me make the transition from student to professional (for the second time in my life). I was having some difficulty with transitioning to my new role and committing to a path. Over the past couple of months, she has helped me set professional goals (both long-and short-term) and we have identified the major activities I need to undertake to get there.

It’s harder to describe how Susan has helped me change my life orientation. She has helped me see how my negativity and judgment prevents me from being happy and achieving my goals in life. She hasn’t changed my personality or turned me into something I’m not, but she has shown me how my tendency to get caught up in things that don’t really matter has an effect on my relationships and my accomplishments. I am incredibly grateful for everything Susan has taught me and done for me—but I am most grateful for her guidance in this area."

Alison, Assistant Professor