Pure Potentiality

Big changes occur

Big changes occur quickly with energy alignment and coaching with Pure Potential Coach.

Using the energy alignment of Reiki and techniques from Martha Beck, Byron Katie's The Work and Jon Kabat-Zinn, you can open up your potential for happiness and joy in life. By dissolving limiting thoughts and beliefs, your time with me will free you to fully embrace the best in your life. Each session begins with an assessment of energy levels and where body energy is trapped or stagnant. Once areas of limitation are identified, we will dive in and dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, Beginning with our first session, you employ the basic techniques for a joyous life. 

Coaching offers you the opportunity to realize your Pure Potential.  All areas of your life benefit when you take time to reflect and listen to your inner voice. Working with a coach will assist you in enjoying the abundance of your life. Susan Cohen, life coach and Reiki Master, brings a breadth of knowledge and skill to coaching. Having discovered the joy of living an authentic life, Susan will escort you through the process of discovering your best self and fulfilling your destiny.  She coaches with perception, humor, and multiple techniques. Pure Potential Coaching is designed to assist people in savoring their lives

"Susan's direct, yet intuitive coaching style has been instrumental in helping me unlock the secrets standing in the way of my own happiness. Her guidance, support and encouragement have helped free me from limiting beliefs.... Cindy, Consultant   more from Susan's clients

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